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Get Strong & Feel Your Best From Home

CDSF Strength Camp & Met Con At Home gives you access to two 12-week programs that you can do anywhere with minimal equipment along with access to our CDSF Online Community

Our Strength Camp and Met Con At Home Programs replicate our Adult Group Training Classes in your own home. Each 12-Week program can be done on their own or combined to get the benefits of strength gaining and cardio. Strength Camp helps you master strength training technique and build strength over 3 different 4-week training blocks, each one progressing from the previous. MetCon is an interval based workout that will have you moving through exercises quickly, burning calories, losing fat, and improving your cardio.

What you Get!

Two different 12-week programs that can be performed on their own or together designed by our world class coaches to help you get strong and feel your best!

  • 12-Week At Home Strength Camp Program

  • 12-Week At Home Met Con Program

  • Access to Communicate with the CDSF Coaching Staff through discussions within your workout program and in our CDSF Community Group

Let Us Help You Get Strong & Feel Your Best

Start your At Home Training Program Today!

Program Details:

For our Strength Camp and Met Con At Home Programs

  • Training Level: Adult Fitness

  • Goals: Strength, Power, Flexibility, Fat Loss, Cardiovascular Fitness

  • Workouts Per Week: 3-6x/week

  • Workout Length: 60 minutes

  • Equipment Needed: None, but can add dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, or barbell to increase difficulty

STEP 1: Download Your Full Program like you're at CDSF!

STEP 2: Watch Videos & Get Coaching from the CDSF Staff

STEP 3: Dominate The Day!

Don't Take Our Word For It

See what others are saying about working with the CDSF Coaching Staff

Erin N.

CDSF Member

“Having a set workout before I get to the gym is a huge benefit for me. The organization and cleanliness is incredible. Both Mike and Dan help with proper form on every exercise and continue to push me to be better than I was the day before. I feel physically and mentally stronger. My body has changed drastically in the best way possible and continues to do so after every workout.”

Dustin I.

CDSF Member

“There is a meticulousness of training that I’ve never seen in other gyms. It’s incredibly rare to have clear and constant instructions on how to improve rather than someone just yelling encouragements at you. Aside from a serious relief of fulltime employment stress and a large boost in confidence, all three of my major lifts (squat, bench, and deadlift) have seen VAST improvements. My 1 RM’s haven’t even been tested yet, but I’ve already lifted more than my previous 1RM’s for multiple reps.”

Lisa S.

CDSF Member

“The personal attention from the CDSF Staff, the positive reinforcement, and the programs are spot on for what my goals have been and continue to be. The happy, positive atmosphere makes me look forward to every workout! I am stronger, my clothes fit and look better, I have less widespread joint pain, and I feel more confident in myself!”

Chelsea W.

CDSF Member

“ I love my mornings at CDSF. Having someone hold me accountable has been great for me and I’ve learned exercises I would’ve never done on my own. I have now been working out consistently for 5 months and look forward to going to the gym instead of dreading it.”

Rob I.

CDSF Member

“When I walk in I’m always welcomed in a friendly atmosphere, feeling confident I’m receiving the best workout for me. CDSF offers knowledge along with their fitness programs. I feel strong, healthy, confident, and able!”

Pricing options

Get Started with Your Strength Camp and Met Con Program by choosing a one-time payment or three monthly payments


  • How does payment work?

    You have the option to purchase this program by making three monthly payments of $30 or making a one-time payment of $80.

  • What do I get with my At Home Strength Camp & Met Con Programs?

    You'll get access to two different 12-week programs. One 12-week At Home Strength Camp and one 12-week At-Home Met Con Program. Each program consists of three workouts per week and includes a full dynamic warm-up, video demonstrations from the CDSF staff, and access to our CDSF Online Community.

  • How do I access my programs after purchase?

    Once you purchase your program. Click on "My Dashboard". Then select "At Home Strength Camp and Met Con" You can then select which program you want to view. You'll be able to print out your program or work off of your phone/computer/tablet.

  • What equipment do I need?

    Both Strength Camp and Met Con At Home are currently designed to be completed without any equipment. If you have dumbbells, kettlebells, or resistance bands we'll note where you can use those to increase the difficulty.

  • Will I be able to communicate with the CDSF Staff?

    Yes! There are built in discussions in each of your workouts to ask questions and make notes for our coaches to work with you. You'll also have access to our Online Community to chat with other members and our staff.

Let Us Help You Get Strong & Feel Your Best

Start your At Home Training Program Today!

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