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CDSF Lacrosse Performance gives you access to 12-weeks of lacrosse specific programming that you can do on your own along with access to our CDSF Online Community

Our flagship Sports Performance Training programs are designed to build better, stronger, faster athletes. This program is built for high school, college, and professional athletes looking to gain a competitive edge as they work toward taking their game to the next level. You can now follow Capital District Sport and Fitness from anywhere. Our strength coaches have teamed up to build an online version of our most popular sports performance programs to help you get strong, feel your best, and dominate the day from a distance!

What You Get!

  • 12-Week Lacrosse Performance Training Program

  • Access to Communicate with the CDSF Coaching Staff through discussions within your workout program and in our CDSF Community Group

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Program Details:

For our Lacrosse Performance Program

  • Fitness Level: High School & College Athletes

  • Goals: Speed, Power, Strength, Flexibility, Injury Prevention, Conditioning

  • Workouts Per Week: 4x/week

  • Workout Length: 60 minutes

  • Equipment Needed: Dumbbells, Barbell, Kettlebells, Medicine Ball, Bands, Foam Roller

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STEP 1: Download Your Full Program like you're at CDSF!

STEP 2: Watch Videos & Get Coaching from the CDSF Staff

STEP 3: Dominate The Day!

Don't Take Our Word For It

See what others are saying about working with the CDSF Coaching Staff

Parent of CDSF Athlete

"What my daughter has enjoyed most about CDSF is it's upbeat, positive and motivating environment. She repeatedly commented that CDSF pushed her to reach her maximum potential. Combined with the expertise of the CDSF staff, this encouraging environment lead to greater athleticism, strength, and speed. In turn this made my daughter very confident in her training and athletic capabilities, an invaluable quality on any competitive playing field."

CDSF Member

"CDSF's knowledge base, creativity, care for their clients, and their drive to help each individual attain goals and surpass expectations is top notch. Since I began working with them, I've been pain free and continue to get stronger each day. If you want to train with the best and in a place that will help you feel your best, CDSF is your place."

Pricing options

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  • How does payment work?

    To purchase this program you must make a one-time payment of $80.

  • What do I get with my Lacrosse Performance Program?

    You'll get access to our 12-week Sports Lacrosse Performance Program. It consists of three workouts per week and includes a full dynamic warm-up, video demonstrations from the CDSF staff, and access to our CDSF Online Community.

  • How do I access my program after purchase?

    Once you purchase your program. Click on "My Dashboard". Then select "Lacrosse Performance" You can then select the program. You'll be able to print out your program or work off of your phone/computer/tablet.

  • What equipment do I need?

    CDSF Lacrosse Performance is currently designed to be completed with access to gym equipment.

  • Will I be able to communicate with the CDSF Staff?

    Yes! There are built in discussions in each of your workouts to ask questions and make notes for our coaches to work with you. You'll also have access to our Online Community to chat with other members and our staff.

Let Us Help You Optimize Your Performance

Start your Lacrosse Training Program Today!

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